Changing People was established in 2003, by Jane C Woods. Over the years we have added to the range of services we offer clients but all is within the realm of change, and personal development training.

RenewYou has been one of our most successful courses to date. We have a network of over 70 licensed trainers, across the world, who can deliver this one day course for women in house. Click here for more details. This will take you to our sister site where you can see a map of all the trainers available to you.

We also offer Speak Up, a course for women looking at a management career, or already in a management post. As with all our courses, Speak Up is based on research and experience.

For both men and women we offer a half day workshop looking at some of the significant communication differences between men and women.

Changing People can design bespoke courses for your organisations and work with you and your team directly throughout a change process. Running a course is usually just the start. As far as possible our aim is to empower your staff to do it for themselves, not become dependent on us. We’ll work with them to establish support/change groups if necessary and directly coach significant players to be your champions.

Jane C Woods, CEO, is the creator of RenewYou and has many decades of experience in both the private and public sector.

Are you looking for some inspirational and confidence boosting coaching for women? If so click here

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