Effective Communication Between Men & Women at Work

Men and women talk differently. That is a fact.

There are some very well researched reasons for why this is. There is also some utter nonsense abroad as to why this is. Men often get frustrated with the way women speak and women get frustrated with the way men speak.

The truth is, we do talk differently and neither is right or wrong. It’s just how it is.

However, most business styles of operating have operated along the lines of ‘men speak’. This is perfectly understandable. Men were first to the business table and women are a relatively recent addition. It means women’s contributions are often not heard. It also means businesses are missing out on a huge resource of talent.

Here’s one example:

When a woman nods her head in a meeting she does not mean what  a man means when he nods his head. This can lead to some serious misunderstandings. Because the topic of how the sexes communicate is rarely discussed at work the problem goes underground. Women feel ignored and marginalised and men feel aggrieved and ‘got at’.

Changing people has a half day workshop which addresses this issue. It’s light hearted and fun yet extremely effective and based on proper research. It’s for both men and women and it will help your staff communicate much more effectively. Contact us for more information.

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