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Some Facts Re Global Gender Equality

Here’s a few facts which put into perspective the pressing need for global gender equality:

In the private sector, fewer than 4 per cent of CEOs leading the worlds 500 major corporations are women.

Meanwhile, female representation amongst corporate managers, legislators and senior officials ranges between 21 per cent in Africa and 37 per cent in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Women remain severely underrepresented in the highest decision-making positions developed countries and while data from developing regions is scarce, the situation is unlikely to be better.

“The underrepresentation of women is even more extreme in the private sector,” a UN report said.

“The glass ceiling appears to be most impenetrable in the largest corporations, which are still essentially male dominated, particularly at the level of CEO.”

Additionally, around 600 million women – 53 per cent of those working globally – are in jobs that are insecure and typically not protected by labour laws.

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Thanks for this information to The Independent Newspaper March 2016


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