Speak Up

Leadership Training for Women…with a difference

Do you want your organisation to be a leader in gender equality and reap the benefits that brings?

You need to start with the women and talent you already have. Equalities training can be time consuming and expensive but with Speak Up you can license all your in-house trainers to run this one day course for every ambitious woman in your organisation. It naturally lends itself as a precursor to other initiatives within your business and it takes just one day but the effects last for much longer.

If you have women in your organisation who answer “yes” to below, you need Speak Up:

  • Do you want to fast track your career?
  • Do you want to make your voice count?
  • Do you work in a male dominated environment?
  • Are you overwhelmed with the amount of research telling you what to do?

Speak Up is a brand new type of leadership training for women devised by me, to turn the latest research on gender difference into practical, useful information that you can use to successfully further your career, help to make your organisation more successful, and raise your profile.

Sometimes it’s hard to get your point across as a professional woman in the workplace. Whatever your status at work, studies reveal that men talk over you, interrupt you or dismiss your ideas and opinions. Object and you’re stuck with the bossy, overbearing, aggressive tag (note – only women get called ‘bossy’, how about ‘great leadership skill’ instead?) Say nothing and you’re a shy, going-nowhere wallflower. No wonder a recent Institute of Leadership and Management report described women’s lack of confidence as a significant factor in their failure to break through the glass ceiling!

Men and Women Talk Differently at Work?
Research shows that men and women have very different ways of communicating, both verbally and non-verbally. So do you need to walk, talk and generally behave like men to be successful in your career? Or is there a better way…is the research even valid? Does it match your experiences at work? Be reassured, this course is all about you and your career, not a seminar on the research. You’ll get helpful advice and exercises, all designed to further your career and boost your confidence.

Women Speak Up is Leadership Training with a difference. It doesn’t teach women how to be like men; instead it works directly with women on how to be strong powerful communicators who get their point across without being dogmatic, aggressive or disparaged. Learn how to be listened to, have others respect your views, and become an influential figure in your organisation. Boost your confidence, and fast track your career! Invest in your personal and professional development.

What is the Speak Up course about?
The course addresses the issues raised by the Institute of Leadership and Management’s report, namely:

  • Low ambitions and expectations
  • Lack of self belief and confidence
  • A cautious approach to pursuing career opportunities
  • A less than straightforward career path

In particular Speak Up looks at the research on how men and women communicate in the boardroom and at work generally, and what that means for your style. Plus, we’ll take a look at attitudes to risk, (we have an interesting exercise from one of the top women in finance, Sarah Pennells, ex BBC), how people get promoted within your organisation, and how you can effectively raise your profile and be on the radar for top jobs. And it’s not by starting a women’s group!

Let’s be clear, this is not an anti-men rant.  I’m not about putting the men down to big up the women; that’s not helpful to anyone. The premise is that everyone gains when what women bring to the workplace is recognised and valued. We know that generally speaking women’s contributions aren’t valued and this one day course sets out to give you the means of changing that. It’s a clear logical examination of some of the differences that exist between genders with techniques and exercises to assist women to overcome obstacles in a practical, inspirational way that will really work for you! If you are in a junior management position in an organisation, or have an interest in finding out how you can be more assertive as a woman in business,  this will help you, your career, and your organisation.

L&D Departments: This course will be licensed to organisations during late 2015. Ring the office on 01761438749 or email  for more information. We can train members of your L&D team to deliver this course across your network, or alternatively deliver it for you, as well as providing ongoing support and updates.

All participants get a journal to keep them motivated and energised, with contributions from women as diverse as academic Prof Mary Beard, TV presenter Sarah Beeny, and political journalist Jackie Ashley. Participating organisations receive regular updates on relevant issues as well as support & coaching to individual training departments throughout the term of the licence.

IMPORTANT NEWS: I’ve had so many requests from individual women who would like some support in this area that I have devised a downloadable version of Speak Up. You will be able to work through some of the exercises at your own pace, by listening to my dulcet tones. I’m launching it Summer 2015.

The picture  of the Sir Percy Blakeney Suite at the Royal Crescent Hotel, Bath was taken by Celia Mannings during a Speak Up event.

The Speak Up logo was especially designed by Rosie Harbottle for Changing People.

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